Beau & Jessica R.

We started with over 60k in credit card debt and because of this simple business model and our strong desire for change and our efforts we now average per month what we use to make in a year. We have been able to knock out our debts and are now actually starting to realize and live the life of our dreams!

We are now able to bless our church, family, and friends and the feeling of giving is more rewarding than any amount of money we will ever make. We are traveling more than we ever have. We are helping others acheve their goals and aspirations. Jessica retired from her teaching career at the young age of 30. We are now able to stay home together with our child and truly live our life without the nasty burden of financial stress lingering over us. Being in control of our financial future at our age is a very liberating and fantastic experience.

Sharon G.

I was successful in a high stress job building a company on Wall St, which literally nearly killed me. I started over out west semi-retired as a professional counselor, but had no real money. I went back into financial services in an MLM that drained time and money. I got very clear inside that I wanted serious money, time to enjoy it, and to love every minute of doing something that helped people: Then I was delighted to be introduced to this company. Now I have time, money, peace of mind, and fun all at the same time. I feel like I took my life back!

I love what I'm doing helping people take control of their lives and make their dreams come true Now! Every day I wake in gratitude for the life I am living.

John T.

I was in the retail business for 27 years working for a regional appliance & electronics company based out of Michigan. I climbed the corporate ladder only to find that I was on the wrong building. You see, even though I made it to the top in that industry, (Multiple 6 figure income for over twenty years, expense account, new company car which was always a Cadillac, etc.), it came with a price that took a toll on my entire family.

Working an average of 80 hours per week. When I came across this business, I made an immediately decision. We got started and plugged into this amazing community right away, I left my corporate job in just a few short months, and for the past year my wife and I travel the world together, are always available for family functions, make the money that we deserve, along with showing others how to do the same.

Shannon and John L.

We fell upon a system that seemed so simple we were shocked. We had met other people making more money in a month than most people make in a year with this system so we figured we could do it too. We were serious about making money, serious about making a change and we were willing to do whatever it took to never be overworked and broke again. While luck brought us the opportunity it was our decision to make it happen. This is the most powerful, ethical, fun, exciting business we have ever experienced! We are living a lifestyle we once only dreamed of!

Gene & Heather B.

My wife Heather and I have been given a true gift here: living a "Life Without Limits," --- and having the time to travel the world and spend the time with each other and the one's we love.

You cannot keep doing the same things and expect different results! We understood that, because WE TOOK ACTION, WE TOOK CONTROL OF OUR LIVES!

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